Our Karate Classes Impart More Than Martial Arts

Learn confidence and leadership skills

Curious about karate? Want to know what you’re getting in to first? Twin Tigers Academy of Self Defense in Brentwood, CA offers one free class to all new clients so you can get a taste for our styles and methods before you commit. We bring over 28 years of experience to the table and are equipped to teach students of all ages, including those as young as 4 years old. No matter your experience level our skilled and knowledgeable instructors can help you grow as both a martial artist and a person. You or your children will learn:

• Self-confidence
• Leadership skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Respect
• Responsibility

We focus on instilling important values in all of our students. Confidence and leadership skills are only 2 of the extra skills you’ll learn coming to our karate classes. We go out of our way to ensure we maintain a positive, secure and structured environment for our students at all times. To learn more or to attend your first free class, call our visit the Twin Tigers Academy of Self Defense studio in Brentwood, CA today.