Learn How to Deescalate and Defend Yourself

Explore a variety of techniques & scenarios to keep you safe

You’re walking home alone at night when you see someone in dark clothing approaching you. If he walks right on by, you’re fine. But what if he doesn’t?

Knowing how to defend yourself is an extremely important skill to have. Hope for the best, but always be prepared for the worst. Twin Tigers Academy of Self Defense does not advocate violence, but acknowledges that you may have to defend yourself in a violent situation. If it comes to that, you should be prepared to handle the situation and to deescalate it.

Take one free class to get a taste of what you’ll learn at our self-defense class. We cover a broad range of methods you can use to deescalate and to escape physical situations. Our classes are available for students of all ages, including children aged 4 years and up. We are dedicated to keeping you safe and will explore a variety of scenarios to teach you the correct way to defend yourself. Call or visit our studio in Brentwood, CA today to get started.